Not Not a Jew: A Novella in Verst


book-cover-3dIn 1930s Berlin, Eli G. is an abstracted young Jewish painter addled by Marxist idealism and tangled memories of his mother and the shtetl. His orange-haired wife, Vera, who once hoped to become a doctor, has given up her education to work as an accountant. Longing to move to Paris, Eli feverishly paints maps while Vera keeps their little family fed and housed. This is where Not Not a Jew – A Novella in Verst, by Alison Leslie Gold, begins, wryly shadowing the braided life journeys of Eli, Vera, and their son Ira who are depicted in glistening kaleidoscopic shards. Although Ira tries to lose himself through sex, food, and restless travel, he returns to his parents to grapple with his birthright as their lives are ending. In Not Not a Jew, internationally acclaimed Holocaust writer Alison Leslie Gold presents a boldly surrealistic novella as an exploration of Jewish identity, rootlessness, Diaspora and self-absorption in a century of upheaval and annihilation.


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