Dear Rosemary Sullivan,

I’ve been meaning to write to you since the publication of your book THE BETRAYAL OF ANNE FRANK in January 2022 to register the shock (even outrage) I experienced after reading your book. At the most basic level, this work is irresponsible, sprinkled with inaccuracies, distortions, is historically dangerous, but time passed and other things got in the way and I never wrote to you.

I’m the co-author with Miep Gies of Miep’s memoir ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED and have had my finger on the pulse of Anne Frank’s world as it relates to (among other Holocaust-related matters) Miep and Jan Gies since 1987 and will continue to have a stake in its faithful preservation until the day of my death.

I believe that your book should have been immediately withdrawn (as the Dutch publisher did) or else seriously revised to reflect accuracy and finger-pointing, especially in matters relating to Mr. van den Bergh. If Harper Collins is unwilling to do so, why haven’t you insisted?  Where is your honor?  Listen to the Spui 25 symposium **REFUTATION OF “BETRAYAL OF ANNE FRANK” from 3/22/2022 available on YouTube [see link below]and elsewhere if your conscience needs prodding.

Alison Leslie Gold

(BTW: I fear reading your book VILLA AIR-BEL wondering what you’ve done to THAT story since Mary Jayne Gold happens to have been my husband’s aunt? Oh: and my first name is Alison not Leslie, as you refer to me in your book.