Today I had the pleasure of spending time with my favorite author, Alison Leslie Gold.IMG_2321

We started out by shooting a Book Trailer for Alison’s upcoming novella Not Not a Jew. I set up my iPhone 6 with a lavaliere mike at a table in Brooklyn Bagels on 8th Ave, while Alison went to grab the most jewish bagel she could. With cream cheese and Nove-Scotia lox, of course. The vegan in me wanted to scream just a little bit, but I realize a jew without lox is like a fish out of water.

We shot some great footage which will get promptly put on YouTube once edited and finished.

From there we took the #1 train to Time Square to try and retrace the steps of Padric McGarry, the mostly drunk and usually incarcerated hero of another new Alison Novella, The Potato Eater.

Now, while The Potato Eater has not been officially out yet, the Kindle version IS selling, so go grab a copy!

Time Square was bustling as usual. We went to pee at the Hard Rock Cafe, from there found a comfortable seat in the traffic-free area on 7th ave, surrounded by shiny billboards featuring 40 foot tall skinny men and women wearing almost absolutely nothing. But that was Padric’s stomping-ground starting at age 16, so that’s where we were.

We sat there for about an hour shooting Alison discussing the book, Padric, and what his life as a queen in 1940’s was like. After that Alison took the train back home to go get some writing done, and I got lunch at Maoz, and sat at the High Line and got some quality work time myself.