four hours to wait for the Paris train

a brunette

in a yellow taxi


in the footsteps

born in Vienna

a sleepless night

in that semi-somnombulist state occasionally interrupted by a shaft of sunlight

under someone’s protection

two men and three women

tempted to say yes

elected to the explorers club

detached from everything

all those journeys

the Cane chair

so romantic

as if it had been yesterday

a pale green swimming costume

tanned backs

a cigarette glued to his lips

a shameful secret

on honeymoon

still on honeymoon

his mother had forgotten all about him and had gone back to Cannes

wondering in different places at the same time

that evening curfew was going to start at 6

it was half past 5

drowned in the curfew

the streetlamp gave out a blue light

an adventure that leads nowhere