there was water of course, also vapor and cloud formations

I began to detect a second smell hidden within the first one

all at once it made me want to weep

the tears were like grout

spiders the size of ping pong balls

a thousand miles from nowhere

apart from the odd seagull there was nothing to be found

a long blue line

became the horizon

the sea sound was like someone breathing in the room with me

as in a mirage

the chain on the gate rattled

coldness tires me

the tall flower nodding on its stalk was strong but somehow benevolent

right and left, left and right

like a set of sisters

sitting in front of a fence

there is no doubt that every day things are getting worse

the rain restarted

only this time it was really pelting down as if the clouds had learned to let go and now they couldn’t stop

the hours seemed huge and far apart

impervious to the passing of timeThere’s no one here

all night

a worthwhile way of spending time in life

like a grasshopper.