…  She separated the gall bladder from the goose liver, salted water in a bowl, soaked the liver in it, removed it with a fork and set it on a wrought iron skillet, sprinkling paprika, sugar and ginger, adding goose fat and began to sauté.

Sit down, Ira. You don’t look well.

Ma, Pa told me that you’ve sliced off his balls. Is he losing his mind?

No such thing. I performed a merciful orchiectomy. He didn’t feel a thing I assure you since his bath water would have scalded anyone but him. and then added, His thick skin!

She glared at her son. Are you afraid I’ve castrated Papa?

Ira thought: What an idea!

She lowered her voice and spoke as she would to a 4-year-old: He doesn’t need those testicles anymore.

The goose fat sizzled setting a delicious odor free.

What do you know? We haven’t seen you in 17 years, 2 months, 12 days, 14 hours. But who’s counting?

She put 3 leaded crystal glasses onto a tray and filled each halfway with peppermint liquor. The sight of the glasses and the smell filling the room made Ira want to cry.

Ira sat at the edge of their bed while they shared the meal. Was she right, had 17 years passed? He had nothing to show for so many years. No extraordinary memories, no children, no wife, no property, no stock.                  

All he had was a few flopping fish, several well-fed hummingbirds, tender …

[NOT NOT A JEW- a novella in verst 

available from AMAZON as a paperback book or kindle]