In the midst of these brutal days (slaughters in Paris, slaughters in Beirut, slaughters in Nigeria, slaughters in Tel Aviv), that have bled blame, reprisals, pleas for tolerance, fear, aggression, turmoil, bewilderment, enough impending doom to unsettle even the toughest among us, a young professor actually read and thought about my new novella. Gratefully received, especially at a time of so much distraction, her comments follows:

Prepare to let go and enjoy the ride as you tumble through Alison Gold’s newest gem – Not Not a Jew. The story follows a family of complex, relatable(ish), yet flawed characters from pre-war Europe through to the American present. Gold touches on the often subtle consequences of war and loss for families, particularly in later generations and asks the question what it means to be, or not be, Jewish. Experimental in style, Not Not a Jew stands out for its imaginative, magical, sublime descriptions and imagery. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Dr. A.L., City University of New York