A Special Fate

RIP Masha Leon

A number of years ago I began working on a book for Scholastic Press for Middle School kids ages 10-14 about Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese diplomat in Kaunas, Lithuania who, in 1940, against his governments wishes, wrote visas round-the-clock to help refugees fleeing Hitler. (He’s sometimes called the Japanese Shindler.) Though Sugihara’s deeds were courageous and in some sense(…)


Page 100 – A Special Fate, Chiune Sugihara, Hero of the Holocaust

… They arrived in Prague, Czechoslovakia, by train. The consulate was an old, rococo building on the Moldau River. the interior was luxuriously furnished and had a grand crystal chandelier. Several rooms were lined with Japanese silk, one contained silver decorations, two others contained gold decorations. As soon as he was settled, Sugihara was ordered to(…)


Honored in Japan

A few days ago my publisher forwarded this email to me relating to Chiune Sugihara who was the Japanese Consul-General in Lithuania in 1939. I had published a book for middle-school-age kids called A Special Fate, Chiune Sugihara, Hero of the Holocaust about him. In defiance of orders from his own government, Sugihara had issued visas round-the-clock for twenty-nine(…)