Authors are staggered by response to ELEPHANT by wildlife wild and tame

Who’d have “thunk” it? We targeted this book toward an audience of 10-13 year olds and those who are older who have an interest in its subject matter. We were prepared for curious dogs, as well, since the book is narrated (in part) by Beckett, a beguiling and funny lost dog.  But . . .  in no way were we prepared for such a variety of species; nor do we know who might be able to translate the book into languages that will make it’s substance understandable to these enthusiastic fans. Including this curious and noisy rooster. Any  suggestions?2014-10-16 18.16.12-2

Suspense to the very last second

As it’s a new month, here on a small island in Greece, locals pay electric, water and phone bills through the local post office.  Up a flight of steps, in back of the “agora” or market, is the small Post Office. Since budget cuts, there is only one woman behind the counter doing all – bills, stamps, pick ups from Poste Restante – Miss Bling, as she is known because of her taste for shiny jewelry. Hoping against hope that my first copies of ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM had finally arrived, I climbed the steps and joined the disorderly queue. In front of me, a blind guitarist. As sweat gathered and began to roll down my cheeks, the queue slowly moved occasionally pausing for Miss Bling to conduct conversations on the telephone that seemed to go on endlessly. Finally, the blind man had paid his electric bill, received and pocketed his change and turned away, tapping his cane as he went. A radiant smile appeared on Miss Bling’s face as she thrust a small package into my hand.  Yes.  It’s true. The ELEPHANT has landed!

2014-10-02 12.09.13