Why Padric? Why gay life in the 40s, 50s, 60s? Why such licentious prose?

When I met Padric McGarry in 1976 he looked like a tall, henna-haired Dorothy Lamore from long-ago Hollywood; shoulder length, thick hair, winged shoulder blades, poised with a straight back. His alert, hazel eyes didn’t miss a thing that went on around him. He described himself as “flaming, not nelly with a skinny, fruit body.” We(…)


Soup, a salad and two true stories

The new TMI’s reissues are: Two novels: 1. The Devil’s Mistress The story of the woman who lived and died with Hitler — Eva Braun. (The soup) 2. Clairvoyant, The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce The story of James Joyce’s daughter who she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and spent over 40 years in mental hospitals though her(…)


Swan dive into 2015

Back from California and Arizona, all four planned reissues — THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS, CLAIRVOYANT, FIET’S VASE, A SPECIAL FATE — two literary novels, two nonfiction books, one for young people — are now LIVE on Amazon as Books and as Kindles.  All looking, feeling, smelling and tasting great with New Author’s Notes to keep things current.(…)