Tale of sneers (locks from Francesca Wade)

state of calm neighbors in pajamas inroad Virginia saw the works of Darwin   with bags and boxes in Mecklenburgh Square exclusion from tale of sneers and locked doors completing, sweetening   war-terror it will break the clutch exactly who a girl who died Pound’s mother on books instead   August 1939 obstructed by sandbags(…)


Oblivion waits (teeth from George Orwell)

moth-eaten already along with 7,000 books you-be-damned air moth-eaten already oblivion waits as a squirrel holds a nut rag mats and bedroom slops this was Flaxman   a crawling reverence for money nasty, ladylike tea shop   lived to be 1000 illuminated nothing would not sit down cake-scented air far more with cold haste buffalo’s(…)


Crook or mystic (two-tones from Leslie Jamison)

finally over too his name was Joe   his parent’s couldn’t how could a little boy know skeptical of skepticism crook or mystic two spoons self-concerning doubts about her doubt bare winter who can blame strained comforters ‘not a party exactly’ his basketball jersey   the architecture of possible some useless god Don isn’t broken(…)