Alison Leslie Gold was born and grew up in New York City.  She was educated at the University of North Carolina, Mexico City College and the New School for Social Research in New York City.
She has published fiction, non-fiction and journalism, and has also written for radio and television. She has often lived abroad, and presently divides her time between New York City and Greece.


  1. Emanuele Cacciatore

    Dear Ms. Gold,
    I have been searching for information regarding Claude Boule for years, finding out little to nothing about her throughout the endeavor. I am thrilled to know that you have published a book about her life. I ordered the novel today and look forward to reading it. After reading the free preview I now realize that Claude’s life was far more tumultuous and eventful than I could have ever imagined. I am amazed that such a seemingly obscure person, or at least someone that I thought was obscure, has now been brought to light. I look forward to reading more about her when the book arrives.
    Claude Boule is of interest to me because many years ago, I believe it was 1994, I began writing a novel in which a lithographic print of her (“Claude,” by Henri Matisse, from the May, 1952 edition of the art journal Derriere le Miroir) is one of the secondary characters. I decided to include “Claude” in the story because I own a copy of the print and find it/her enchanting. The framed lithograph, taking on a life of its own, profoundly affects the lives of two brothers who are twins; one an artist, the other autistic. Drawn to Claude for different reasons and in different ways, the print becomes a catalyst for the pain and redemption in their lives.
    Again, knowing that I will be both engrossed and enriched, I look forward to reading your novel.

    Emanuele Cacciatore


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  4. Father Kenneth W. Ekdahl

    Dear Ms. Gold:
    Knowing of my interest in anything concerning Anne Frank, last weekend good friends of mine gave me your book, Memories of Anne Frank. It opened my eyes (again) to an experience I had in Amsterdam in 1968. I had been attending Loyola University of Rome and was traveling with a friend to 4 cities in Europe, the first having been Amsterdam. Mike and I had just finished touring the Annex and I bought a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank and we had stopped into a small diner-type restaurant. It was probably close to Noon. I had two books with me: Europe on $5 Dollars a Day, and the aforementioned Diary. A tall gentleman (I seemed to remember a man close to 6 feet, and while not thin, very slim) and he asked if he could sit with us. We were 18 years old and welcomed him to sit. He sat next to Mike and soon asked if he could see the book I had to my left. I remember handing him the Europe on $5 book and he shook his head and said, “No, the other one.” Handing him the Diary, he proceeded to speak for close to 10 minutes all about the Anne Frank Foundation. I always call this my Emmaus experience. I don’t recall ever thinking about who this man really was. Although he sat down after us, he finished his lunch and picking up both tabs, said he would take care of lunch. And handed me his business card. The tables were probably 10 feet below street level, and I remember lifting the cover of the card to reveal his name just as we was tipping his Homburg down at us. It read Otto C. Frank!
    I worked in the Insurance business for 17 years after graduating from College (Mt. St. Mary’s College- now University- in Emmitsburg, MD. I entered the Seminary in 1986 and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in May of 1991. In the 4 parishes I have been in, I have frequently given talks about this experience that I had in the Spring of 1968 with Otto C. Frank. When I read your book the past few days, it brought that whole experience to life once again. As strange as it may sound, the end of your book when Hannah again meets up with Otto Frank gave me chills as I too remember this man who must have suffered so greatly that words couldn’t possibly do justice to.
    I am a late, or second career vocation to the priesthood, and I can’t help think that somehow in ways that only God would understand or appreciate, but somehow Otto Frank, Anne’s father, played a role in the vocation that I undertook at age 43. Thanks for listening, Alison.
    Fr. Ken
    P. S. Although I have written any novels (yet), I have written 3 plays and numerous poems.


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Dear Ken, A great story.Thanks for sharing.Everyone I’ve met who knew Otto Frank liked him. Seems he was a soft-spoken, personable, also had a nice wry sense of humor. I’m told he answered every letter he ever received through the years. Wonderful that you write plays and poems. Many thanks for responding to my book and taking the time to write. Forgive the delay in replying, but I didn’t really know how to get with the technology. Now I’m getting some muscle in this new world. Sending friendly greetings. Alison


  5. Timothy Regler

    Alison, Not sure you’ll remember me. We were colleagues, of sorts, back in the ’80’s. Ralph Edwards Productions. Richard (Dick) Gottlieb was my mentor. Have often thought of you and happy to see you doing so well. And, Thor?

    All best,


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Hello Timothy, My oh my!!! Those were the days, remembered with delight, Dick Gottlieb too. I moved my base back to New York in 01 but Thor stayed on in LA. He’s married, makes small films, also does other work. He’s well and delightful. I’ll mention our contact. How about you? What? Where? When? How? Sending my warm greetings, Alison


      • Jim Devine

        We were just together on the Retreat in Manhasset and I wanted to keep in touch. But I failed to get your number or email address. If you get this please email me so we can connect. I am going to order Elephant in the Living Room.
        In Spirit,
        Jim Devine


  6. Tim Bowler

    Dear Alison,

    thank you for including me on mailing list for your latest book, the Potato Eater. I look forward to receiving, reading, and then posting a review to Amazon

    Love Tim


  7. Susan Anderson

    Hi Alison: So great to find your website! I haven’t seen you in years. I’m so glad you are a successful novelist. I look forward to reading the Potato Eater. I’m going to order it on Amazon. I think about the 80’s in L.A. and how much it has changed now. I long for a simpler place to live………………… glad to see your bio page and to connect with you. Love, Susan


  8. Catherine

    Dear Leslie – I’m a journalist, communications consultant and emerging children’s author in Adelaide, South Australia. I’m currently working on a project – an historical fiction that references a reimagined friendship between Anne Frank and Hanneli Goslar. Would it be possible to email you privately with more details about my project? I am not seeking major input, but would appreciate some thoughts/insight. Look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards



    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Hi again, I see that Hannah Goslar replied to you.If there’s anything else you’d like to discuss, feel free to be in touch. Good luck. Alison


  9. Catherine

    Sorry – I did mean Alison! : /


  10. Peter Lovenheim


    I picked up a hardcover copy of Anne Frank Remembered recently at the downtown JCC here in Washington, DC, and just want to thank you for enabling Miep Gies to tell her story so beautifully.

    It’s such a well-crafted and emotionally authentic work that after reading it, I felt for the first time I could grasp the story of the Frank family in “3-D”–and that’s even after having visited at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

    And just to mention one passage in particular: the description of Miep staying over one night in the Annex–actually sleeping (or not being able to sleep) in Anne’s bed–and sensing for the first time “what it was like to be a Jew in hiding.” (p. 115) Beautiful.

    Thank you,


  11. Jeff Linamen

    Hi Allison,
    I loved Anne Frank Remembered and would like to inquire about obtaining clearance for using it as part of the source material for a project of mine. Can you steer me in the right direction?

    I just purchased The Potato Eater and can’t wait to read it. It sounds fascinating!

    Thanks in advance,



  12. Maryssa Young

    Dear Ms. Gold,
    I am a student at Silver High School in Silver City, New Mexico. I am competing in this years National History Day competition where I must create a project on a topic that shows an individual taking a stand in history. I have chosen to do my topic on Chiune Sugihara. I was wondering if I could get your email and possibly do a phone interview about Sugihara to get more information to use for my project? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
    Maryssa Young


  13. Rubi Gaspar

    733 California Blvd
    Napa, California 94556


    Alison Leslie Gold
    New York City

    Dear Ms. Leslie Gold,

    Hi! I should probably introduce myself. I, Rubi Gaspar, come from a high school in Napa Valley and happen to bump into your fascinating book. When I first caught my eye to your biography, “ Anne Frank Remembered”, I knew instantly I would seem to enjoy reading more about Anne Frank. Mostly because ever since I first learned about her story, I have always wanted to have a further understanding about her life. After finishing your book, I felt the need to email the one and only Ms. Leslie Gold to clarify a few questions that have been kept in the back of my mind.

    After doing a bit of research, I realized that you seemed to work well with Mrs. Gies. As well as, working together as a team to write this interesting book about her life and how she came to meet Anne Frank and her family. Knowing this, I wondered how you would describe your bond with her. Whether it was quite strong or simply a friendship. Sadly, Miep passed away in 2010. After finding that out, a question crossed my mind. Were you affected by her loss in any way? Many in this world have some type of motivation. What influenced you to write this biography? I noticed the fact that you incorporated multiple historical pictures of Miep in the book, along with Mr. Frank, Anne, and many others. Though I wondered how those pictures were provided? After hearing the story about the holocaust from someone who lived through it, has your perspective changed in any possible way about those dark times of abuse towards Jews? Knowing that Miep experienced that hatred towards Jews throughout her life, how was she able to maintain a strong courageous personality?

    To end, I would like to mention how much I enjoyed reading the captivating story of Miep Gies and her side of story of how she knew the famous Anne Frank. As well as, how she risked her life to hide the Frank family. I thank you for taking your time to read over these questions and hope to get a response back soon.


    Rubi Gaspar


  14. Chiara

    Hi, Miss Gold, I was unable to find your email and contact information, but I was wondering if there is any way I can interview you on your book on Chiune Sugihara for my NHD project. Let me know as soon as you get the chance, thank you. Here is my email:


  15. Alicia Cho

    Dear Alison,
    I read your novel “A Special Fate: Chiune Sugihara, Hero of the Holocaust” and I am glad I did! I enjoyed the specific details you wrote in the book, and I got lots of information from it. As your novel was a reliable source, I used it in my history project to discuss the achievements Chiune Sugihara did that impacted history. Would it be possible to interview you through email to discuss more information about him?

    Thank you for writing such an amazing book,
    Alicia Cho


  16. Emma Holland

    I’m doing a project on one of your books and I would like to know, what made you choose to write about the holocaust? And what inspired you to start writing?


  17. Adrienne Brown

    Hi Alison
    I hope you remember me as I am someone you knew many years ago from both
    New York, Fire Island and California. I visited Fire Island last summer and spent
    a few days with Gloria Gicksman (now Banhazy) and she told me she had run into
    you n the island (we always called it that) and that you had spent some time together
    last summer. I have often wondered how you are, having lost touch with most of the
    people we knew back in the 70’s and 80’s (Mary, Susanna, Sharon and, of course
    the Fellowship). I had heard that you left Santa Monica and returned to New York,
    but nothing about you after that. I have been trying to find a copy of “The Potato
    Eater” (having heard about it through Gloria) but am having difficulty as to where I
    can obtain one.G loria told me how much she enjoyed seeing you again and it brought
    back some fond (and very crazy) memories, so having said that, how can I obtain a copy of
    your book? I am still in California but visit New York sometimes and would love to
    touch base with you on my next visit. Not sure when that will be but if you can give
    me your personal e-mail or phone # I would very much enjoy a visit with you.


    • Alison

      Dear Adrienne,

      Forgive me for delay in replying but I just saw your note. OF COUSE I remember you. Email me at and I’ll reply in a more personal way. Potato Eater should be available as a softcover book also for Kindle on . Hope Gloria likes it. Please give her my greetings.
      Do write and tell me how you are.


  18. michael posner

    hi alison
    i’m working on a book about the late leonard cohen, an oral biography, based on dozens of interviews with friends, family, colleagues, lovers, monks, etc….a la studs terkel, perhaps….wondering if you might be willing to share stories, reminiscences, insights from hydra and/or elsewhere about LC, Marianne, the Hydra milieu. please let me know at your convenience. thanks..michael


  19. Charlotte Gusay

    Alison—I’m in NY and wanted to see if you’ll have tea with me. I’m here
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 26, 27, 28. Would love to see
    You if you have a moment. I have only my iPad and my phone with me so
    Your email didn’t transfer to my address book. I hope you get this.
    —Cheers, Charlotte


  20. Akshay Desai

    Hello, Alison. I re-read A Special Fate, and I was wondering, in the course of your research, did you ever find out what happened to Wolfgang Gudze, Mr. Sugihara’s German assistant? In my Internet inquiries into the matter show all mention of him ending after he helped Sugihara stamp exit visas in Lithuania.


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Dear Akshay Desai,

      Alas, I don’t know anything about Mr. Gudze’s life after the war. Sorry. Alison


  21. Bob Babione

    Thank you for posting your interview with Marianne Ihlen Stang (for your book Love in the Second Act) the day after she died in 2016, and for keeping it available on-line for those of us who were a few years late in finding this. My wife and I had no knowledge of the existence of Marianne until we accidently re-discovered the song “So Long, Marianne” just two months ago. Hearing the song brought back a faint memory of it from 50 some years ago in our high school and college days (we are both 69, born in 1950). At that time we had no idea that Marianne was a real person. Because the “re-discovered” song had such an interesting quality we went to internet sources for the backstory. Wow, what a fascinating and captivating story – both beautiful and sad, especially because of the challenging relationship between Marianne and Leonard Cohen. We have become totally immersed in this, and during the past two months have read her biographical book “So Long, Marianne,” as well as Leonard Cohen’s biography “I’m Your Man” (to learn more about Marianne in context of her relationship with him). We have also read and listened to various interviews with Marianne that we found on-line (including yours). We saw Nick Broomfield’s documentary “Marianne & Leonard” three days ago and are looking forward to Jan Mollestad’s documentary from Norway “So Long Ago, Marianne” when it is released, hopefully in a few months.
    Her story would make a fantastic dramatized biographical movie. We hope such a movie will be made some day.
    Regards — Bob and Linda


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Hello Bob and Linda, Thanks for writing. Marianne was lovable and generous and always kind during the 40plus years we knew each other in a casual way. She was such a person in middle as well as old age. Never changed nor hardened. I think her lovely nature comes through very well in Nick’s documentary. Do check out an anthology available on amazon titled “When We Were Almost Young” about Hydra life and those who lived there before the 1980s. There’s much to enjoy in this book and also many mentions of Leonard and Marianne. All the best, Alison


  22. leslie grice Mr.

    Whilst reading about Chiune Sugihara and his altruistic actions in your own book and Visas for Life by Yukiko as well as a few other books and websites it became clear particularly from A Special Fate that Masha Leons story along with Zelda and Matvey is quite remarkable and the fact that Masha only discovered how Sempo was responsible for saving their lives 50 years later is very moving. A Special Fate contains much detail but I wondered how much you omitted because of the age group you were writing for and because of the sheer volume of stories Masha had to tell. I say this as I have been fortunate to watch Mashas Shoah testimony which was rivetting and emotional, but I wondered whether you had any plans to expand her family story or knew of any sources to what must be some amazing tales as her and Zelda made their way from Warsaw (and in particular their encounters with peasants, farmers etc. on their way to Byten) all the way to the USA. I did learn from Masha for instance why Zelda bled so much, due to an abortion she had which together with having to leave Matvey in a Soviet gaol must have broken her heart, only for the family to reunite many years later. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you.


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Hello Mr. Leslie Grice, Thanks for your comments on A Special Fate. Not very much was omitted from Masha’s section since our interviews at the time were fairly limited. I don’t now, nor did I ever have any plans to expand Masha’s family story. Sorry not to be of any help. I was very sorry to learn of her death. Good luck with your search. All the best, Alison Leslie Gold


  23. Timothy M. Gay

    Ms. Gold: My name is Timothy M. Gay ( I’m a WWII historian very interested in the story of your amazing great aunt, Mary Jayne Gold.

    I would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time at some point soon to discuss Mary Jayne and her extraordinary life.

    My cell is: 202 441 9997. Many thanks for your consideration!


    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Dear Mr. Gay,

      She is amazing, isn’t she! How did you connect me to her? Wondering,
      as no one ever has before.Tell me a bit more about what you’re interested
      in knowing and I’ll let you know if I might actually be able to be helpful.



      • Timothy M. Gay

        Alison: Please call me Tim. And accept my apology for taking so long to get back to you. Been busy with holiday travel and family stuff.
        Your name and writing career surfaced in the research I’ve been doing on Mary Jayne. Someone online must have made the connection; I just followed up. And I must say I’m incredulous that no one else has over the years.

        I’d love to find out more about Mary Jayne’s background, relationship with the family, whether she continued flying after the war, why she never married, your interactions with her (if any), if she ever spoke of her Marseilles paramour – and why, three years after his death, she insisted on using a pseudonym to describe him! Was he still THAT radioactive in her view?

        My personal email is My website is And my cell is 202 441 9997 c. No rush, but I’d love to talk to you when you have a few minutes. Many thanks!


        • Alison Leslie Gold

          I’ve been away. Will be back in touch when things settle down a bit. Sending holiday greetings.


  24. Maggie Rader

    Hello Alison,

    I’m a Cincinnati based playwright and theatre artist. I’m wanting to write a play about Miep Gies. She was a personal hero of mine since I read Anne Frank Remembered as a 5th grader. I was lucky enough to play Miep Gies a few years ago. I’ve been using your book as my greatest resource, but I wanted to make sure and have your consent before the script is produced. I’d love to contact you by email if possible and chat about more of the details.

    I appreciate any help you can be to me in this process. Your book has meant so much to me and I hope to help tell this story in a new medium.

    Many thanks,



    • Alison Leslie Gold

      Dear Maggie,

      Thanks for your kind words about Miep as well as our book. Please write to my ‘official’ email – – about your idea for a play, what you’ve in mind with a ‘new medium’ and tell me more about yourself.

      I look forward to hearing your ideas.

      Alison Leslie Gold


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