A young Canadian acquaintance has gone to the interior of Ecuador as a volunteer. Following are a few notes taken from a phone call he made during his stay:

“…, they are the most beautiful and lovely people.
Words can’t even describe how beautiful they are.
I went there to help them.
But they helped me – I was deeply cared for the entire time.
They are so gentle and generous.
…, I held a pirahna.
There were ants the size of my finger.
Oh the parrots.
I would take one step and a family of the most beautiful butterflies would fly up around me.
The sounds at night were unbelievable.
It is a different life – it is another, most incredible world.
It is so beautiful.
It is so stunning.
A friendly opossum would crawl up and on me everyday.
The children were so loving and sweet.
Baby monkeys were everywhere.
I was soaked with the rain.
The smells – Oh the smells – they were the most gorgeous.
Big snakes.
Bees the size of my thumb.
Huge spiders….the smallest was the size of my hand.
Life is abundant there. Overflowing life.
Teeming with life.
I learned how to blow darts and make traps.
And trek.
I learned how to trek through thick beautiful nature.
The biggest most beautiful trees.
Oh the trees.
I slept on a hard floor under mosquitoe netting.
It rained and rained.
And rained and rained and rained.
It was so beautiful.
And I bathed in the river.

This land is extroardinary.
This wilderness must be cared for.”