Ashes in my mouth, Sand in my shoes (short stories) by Per Petterson

Darkness Visible by William Styron

A Bend in the River by V. S. Naipaul (second reading)

The Aspern Papers by Henry James

A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth; 4.6 Billion Years in Twelve Pithy Chapters by Henry Gee

Good Trouble (short stories) by Joseph O’Neall

Slowly Down the Ganges by Eric Newby

Thereby Hangs a Tale (short Stories) by Jeffrey Archer

The Lost Pianos of Siberia by Sophy Roberts

The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron

Beautiful Days (short stories) by Joyce Carol Oates

To the Lake: A Balkan Journey in War and Peace by Kapka Kassabova

The Braided River: A journey along the Brahmaputra by Samrat Choudhury

The Danube: A journey upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest by Nick Thorpe

Learning to Talk (short stories) by Hilary Mantel

The New York Stories (short stories) by John O’Hara

The Jealousy Man (short stories) by Jo Nesbø

Prayer for the Living (short stories) by Ben Okri

Gathering Moss: A natural and cultural history of mosses by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Magdalena, River of dreams by Wade Davis