Second email:

Viewed on the morning of 11/24/2020. Have not mentioned its content to a living soul. Not only due to the warning therein, but because a) chances are it’s a ruse, b) I don’t want to worry anyone. (If it’s the end, its the end.) Have, however, contacted the FBI online in which a copy of of the eerie email has been included, requesting guidance. None has been received. As yet …

Text of email:




Mon, Nov 23, 2020 12:37 pm
Jack Smith diallosafiya0@___.___
Someone paid me to kill you, If you want me to spare you.
I’ll give you seven days to pay me USD$3500.
If you inform the police or anybody, you will die. I am monitoring you.
Two more days until Jack Smith’s deadline.
An actual ‘Jack Smith’ (the senders name) is remembered as the founder of American underground cinema best known for “Flaming Creatures” from 1963. In his film the actors are drag artists, intersex folks; scenes include an earthquake, an orgy, a lipstick commercial. The film runs for 42 minutes, it’s budget was $300. Jack Smith went on to make many more films. Also: ‘Jacksmith’ is the name of a computer game – part of – used to craft ‘awesome’ weapons and armor ...’