In Morocco by Edith Wharton

The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

The Third Man by Graham Greene

Arabs by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

The Longest Journey by E.M.Forster

No Room in the Arc by Alan Moorehead

One’s Company by Peter Fleming

A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz

Smoke by Ivan Turgenev

The Professor by Charlotte Brontë

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron

A Short Life in a Strange World by Toby Ferris

American Bloomsbury by Susan Cheever

Amerika by Franz Kafka

In Chancery by John Galsworthy

The Silver Spoon by John Galsworthy

One More River by John Galsworthy

The Kreuzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy