Peel THE POTATO EATER and marinate in CLAIRVOYANT for 5 hours. Crush THE POTATO EATER and add the soaked LOST AND FOUND, making sure MEMORIES OF ANNE FRANK has been squeezed out. Put in 2-3 spoonfuls of CLAIRVOYANT  and LOVE IN THE SECOND ACT and beat the mixture adding DEVIL’S MISTRESS drop by drop. If the mixture appears too thick, add a little MEMORIES OF ANNE FRANK and mix.

Serve garnished with FIET’S VASE on a shallow plate.

Variation: 1. Half a cup of THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT MATISSE BACK FROM THE DEAD, finally chopped, may be added, if desired. 2. Instead of LOVE IN THE SECOND ACT, 5 medium-sized POTATO EATERS (boiled first, of course) can be used.

Chew slowly. Don’t gulp.