They’ve got guts.


They’re willing to stick their neck out to publish innovative work that mainstream publishers (so worried about sales figures) rarely will.

Like who?

Like me.

Innovative in what way?

My novella THE POTATO EATER is more akin to a PowerPoint presentation than a piece of conventional fiction. It’s raw, ribald, gritty; true to the vernacular of it’s gay hero’s pre-AIDS world.


And, to be published shortly thereafter, my novel in versts, NOT NOT A JEW, that happens to be entirely experimental, surreal, a mix of Jewish humor and pathos.

Must you?

Not really, but these two pieces of fiction are love children. Both conceived/reconceived/deconstructed/reconstructed over long periods of time, out-of-wedlock in some sense in that neither was undertaken within the safety of a contract or advance or guaranteed publication. Which brings me back to TMI ….