strange and not strange

knowing and not knowing

give a prize

in flowers

with runnels of filth


higher or upper parts

friendly to my father

fighting only for himself

always in the background


like a family

grey-brown with dirt

came to the red house

turning wide pages


a hundred years before

when men know their world well

second week of 1961

through tall, cool woodland

Europeans were barred

once-a-week boat

part of every mouthful

rinsed in the river


big and this

only as a religious volunteer

passive and unnoticing

the big ugly red feet

the forest is singing

it is a posture

pain rather than love

very blue smoke

a hammock for himself

a little ahead of the fire


always overhead

as yet among

from among them

‘for most of us, the past stops’

all I could think of

feeling unprotected


unyielding, shiny