Ira’s father, Eli, is an old surrealist painter. The mother, Vera, an accountant. Their home, a Mediterranean-style landscape… Is it Israel? Greece? Southern California? The reader can’t be sure. Issues of multinationalism rear up as well. Ira returns home after a long absence to offer assistance to these two decrepit people. Because he’s experienced by his parents as inept, and is, they are forced to withdraw the shriveled toes already poking into their graves in order to care for their son who can’t even boil an egg let alone make chicken soup.

This novel is experimental, even surreal, also funny and far-fetched from beginning to end. It’s not autobiographical, but it’s settings were inspired by various real and literary journeys that made deep impressions on me.Through the years, while writing and publishing more conventional work with established publishers, I always kept a few pots simmering on back burners. I would stir and season these on and off between projects, add new ingredients, alter all, all the time knowing though flavorful to me and perhaps a few others, these dishes were not commercial and would be hard (or unlikely) to market. Nonetheless, stretching my imagination in unlikely ways made me happy, and so I slowly fiddled on filling cardboard storage boxes and filing cabinets with these uneaten meals.

NOT NOT A JEW is one of them. POTATO EATER is another. Because TMI Press has guts and unusual appetites, these two unconventional works, many, many years in the making, are soon to be published I couldn’t be more pleased. TMI, is a small press based in Providence, RI. At it’s helm is a very bright, innovative mind, a pleasure to work with….