get out of bed at four o’clock

boasting and bragging

second mistake, third hesitation

cooking, baking grease

I pinched it

dumb at once

no drawers

the curious and envious milled around

a new kind of hot

he was a stranger

babies, darling babies

a kitten looking at a wolf

because I wouldn’t speak

off the end of the world

we sat

a ragged umbrella

he had in mind

like bricks

maids and farmers

their cotton sacks

that part of Arkansas

Margarita Johnson, I heard my name

unfunny joke

or ran a poker game

a mixture of dread and trauma

they were wrong aggressively

born in a cotton field

in any case

dad’s Hudson

in her blanket of affections

of course I could drive

even if I could

in a cold and private silence

the long gloomy day

normalcy was still a question

only years later

no use ruining three lives