from the other side of the footlights

he’s very dull

something amiss

go lonely side-by-side but not together

facts were nothing

‘courage failed’

account for this change of heart

the facts are much duller

gambling mildly

woman can love all day long, man only at times

his repartee: rude

perhaps less than others

no one was stirring

a ghostly silence on the lagoon

then the wind dropped

mysteries unholy

even here is something sad and terrible

a sea of brown faces

call the Chinese boy

a thorough rogue

in Marseille

undeserved misfortune

the married bachelor

pauper and vagabond may get a bed for a week

a bowl of thin, salt soup

a dictionary of rogues

obese and slatternly

encircled by a sea more blue


their only sustenance was a wedge of bread

with the toe of a boat

watched the vanishing smoke from her funnels as she plowed thru wintry sea

bringing back pearls

‘I’ve always had a sympathy for artists, it’s in our blood, you know.’

cocoa nuts with blue leaves

arms like legs of mutton, her breasts like giant cabbages

her eyes had remained young

‘I knew right away.’

nostalgia for a home they know not

he saw the natives in their shabby gabardines, the blacks from the Sudan, the noisy throng of Greeks and Italians, the grave Turks in Tarbouches

living a more intense insignificance

we were shelling peas

a rocking chair stood on the veranda

up the mountain were wild orange trees


by the world  forgotten

their bodies brown and wet

untouched by ambition

with a great red beard

all but untrodden

the beginning of a world

blind for nearly a year

next to a room that you know is empty

a pile of mangoes, bananas