all aglow

kindliness and weariness

he meditated on the use he should devote to that power of youth which is granted to man only once

Cossack children spinning their tops wherever there is a smooth place

climbing over fences to avoid going around

the other side of the river was deserted

as yet no mistakes

he saw her through the window take off her kerchief and sit down

he saw him by the window in a tailored coat

smoke rose everywhere in clouds from the chimneys

the falseness of his former life

chestnut seeds, precipices

the fruit of the years labor

behind the oven

her face did not change but tears ran down her cheeks

such abhorrence, such contempt

a three horse conveyance stood waiting at the door

he did not fast

‘after all, I recovered’

Eroshka kissed him three times with wet mustaches and lips and began to cry

‘you might give me something for remembrance’

‘what a stingy fellow’

neither the old man nor the girl