1. Matisse in old age

2. Note from Matisse to Claude, the model whose life story is told in THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT MATISSE BACK FROM THE DEAD

3. Claude in old age

THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT MATISSE BACK FROM THE DEAD has become a popular choice with Book Clubs. I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s tasty, sexy, atmospheric, evokes wartime and postwar France, New York in the 60, an insiders look into the art world from Matisse through Warhol. etc. One Book Club upstate New York invited me to their dinner meeting held at a popular B & B — The Arbor — in High Falls* (*!) and while I was being stuffed with delights smothered with fragrant herbs right from the owner’s garden, the club’s members were also digging their spoons into my book by way of desert — questioning, quibbling, challenging me, sympathizing, dissecting, stirring up my prose. It was lots of fun, a perfect book for this sort of occasion. No, I’m not surprised, just delighted that this unusual story is being invited into the homes of these stewards of literature.

Thanks to all the Book Clubs who have and will honor Claude, Matisse, Lydia, John, Alice, Andy and me this way.

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