Clairvoyant Kindle Cover2015-02-02 08.47.41Joyce’s birthday was always a family event. Following, a short excerpt from newly reissued (TMI Press) CLAIRVOYANT available now as a kindle or book, including a New Author’s Note. Despite being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Lucia’s father saw her as a genius like himself.

Like a jewel I showed new and incompatible sides, which were breaking off from each other, but diamonds are diamonds.

I watched a girl dressed in my clothes throw a chair at Mother’s italics on the day of Father’s fiftieth birthday on 2 February 1932.

I saw a girl dressed like me become engaged to Alex Ponisovsky at a big party at Drouand’s restaurant then go to the home of Lucie and Paul Leon on the rue Casimir Périer and stretch herself out on the sofa. I lay this way, taking doses of Veronal and phosphate of lime in a catatonic pose, isolated and paralyzed with the weight of so much clairvoyance, while Father blamed Paul Léon for encouraging this engagement.

A girl dressed like me was seized by a vision at the Gare du Nord.

Another girl dressed like me while staying with Mother’s closest friend Mary Colum slept with her nightdress pinned to that of Mrs. Colum.

Giorgio tricked me and got me to get into a taxi, which took me to a maison de santé . This time in L’Hay-les-Roses where the doctor, Dr. G. Maillard, labeled my feverish clairvoyance ”hebephrenia.”

Knowing better, Father was convinced that soon all others would come to realize the voices being spoken by girls dressed like me were other people’s voices trying to be heard, not my own. He blamed everyone for instigating my state and all men especially who had betrayed me. Mother particularly blamed Mr. Beckett.

Hat’s off to a loyal and loving albeit helpless father.


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