Found myself nodding MeToo while watching the following video received on FB this morning. One needn’t watch it entirely as it’s a bit long, but, even a few minutes of viewing gets the message across — that people in Iran are like me and I’m like them. We’re not oil and water but more like oil and vinegar. Seems obvious. Indeed, something I was taught while sitting on a small chair in a kindergarden classroom. Perhaps, because it was so long ago, I needed to be reminded by this clever, amusing (albeit a bit rough on Bollywood) video, and yes, literally nodding my head.

Now back to packing for a trip, drinking coffee, working to promote my two new (still bottle fed) children THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT MATISSE BACK FROM THE DEAD and ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM (Oneiro Press, UK).  Finally, with one more coffee, work continues proofing four books soon to be reissued with new intros, new covers, entirely refreshed by TMI Press in Providence, RI. Lucky me. Lucky books.

Dare I post a little appetizer of this coming new series?  Oh, what the hell. The Devil’s Mistress….