My niece loves eggplant. We’ve started an Eggplant Tasters Society.  She’s a professor, a scholar and a bon vivant, floating around all those galaxies while I, sweat soaked author, am fiddling with minutia in preparation for the coming publication of my co-written (with Darin Elliott) new book for ages 10 – 13 — ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM  — to be published by Oneiro Press in the UK. (Fortunately, it will also be available in the US and elsewhere around the world on amazing Amazon so no need to fly to London to acquire it.) Meanwhile, I’d acquired a small plot in a communal garden in Manhattan, so my niece, Anna, and I, CEO and CFO of the ETS, planted an eggplant plant in it and have subsequently studied the growth of a single tear-shaped, slightly sad, eggplant about the size of a child’s bicycle seat, that I am about to harvest. Then we shall decide where and how to eat it.