****Page 1 – Memories of Anne Frank, Reflections of a Childhood Friend****

On Tues morning, July 7th, 1942, after a day of heavy rain, the sun came out in South Amsterdam, Holland. Hannah Goslar was dressed for summer in a light cotton dress. The school year was finished, the graduation ceremony had been the previous Friday. The days were now long and sky was probably filled with big puffy Dutch clouds.

Hannah’s mother had sewn the yellow six-pointed star-which all Jewish people had been ordered to wear – to the front of Hannah’s dress above her heart. The Star of David usually made Hannah feel proud to be Jewish, but because Jews were now being arrested and persecuted by the Germans who had conquered Holland, it made her conspicuous, like a target at a shooting range.

At age thirteen Hannah Goslar was fun-loving but also quite religious. She went to HEbrew school two times a week and to synagogue. She was gangly, tall, had creamy skin, and brushed her mahogany-brown hair so fast that electric sparks crackled. Hannah’s best features were her hair and her soft, brown eyes.

This morning she was going to call for her friend Anne Frank. Anne was outspoken, even impudent; she loved having fun. She was more interested in socializing and boyfriends than Hebrew lessons. Lately the differences between Hannah and Anne had become more pronounced. With the war raging and both of them being thirteen, life was not as simple as it used to be when they were little girls sitting side by side at school.


[Photo:  Hannah, age 86, (second from right) and some of her many grandchildren]

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