One ant, two ants, three ants four,

My bed is their grocery store,

Five ants, six ants, seven ants, eight,

They are swarming on my duvet.* (*author unknown)

I would (of course) have been able to guess that ants would be attracted to Loukoumades (honey puffs). Surely. But not Cretan Dakos (rusks w. tomato, feta, oregano, olive oil) or Briami (baked potatoes, courgettes, aubergines). But, then again, these are Greek ants. Indeed, attracted they were though I don’t remember dropping even a crumb, crust or a dollop of anything while I feasted and read (Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend) in a state of contented blank reverie, the smell of rain still in the air. 130 million years old with 22,000 species, and all (or so it seems) visiting my bed.

Lesson learned: Eating in bed is no picnic!*


P.S. Thanks to H.V.G.