On being German

My generous, inexhaustible friend Jo Shultze was born in the Black Forest of Germany just before World War II. She, her entire family, her Berlin-born husband, his family – by reason of birth – were threads sewn into the vast tapestry of that war, that defeat, that reconstruction. At some point Jo (a teacher) left Germany and moved to the east(…)


Marking dates

November 7th, marked birth dates of Marie Curie, Leon Trotsky, Francisco de Zurbaran, Edie Beale, David Petraeus, Joni Mitchel, Billy Graham. Yesterday, November 8th, marked birth dates of Bram Stoker, Dorothy Day, Margaret Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, the Roman Emperor Claudius. Today, November 9th, marks: the 77th anniversary of the German Reich’s 1938 destruction by fire, by(…)


Forever evermore

I received the following a while ago: Dear Ms. Gold,  We grand- and great-grandchildren of Holocaust survivors would like you as someone we consider one of a dwindling number of guardians of our memories to know that former SS Hauptstormfuther Erich Priebke died a few days ago. He was 100 years old and was the oldest known Nazi war(…)


Soup, a salad and two true stories

The new TMI’s reissues are: Two novels: 1. The Devil’s Mistress The story of the woman who lived and died with Hitler — Eva Braun. (The soup) 2. Clairvoyant, The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce The story of James Joyce’s daughter who she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and spent over 40 years in mental hospitals though her(…)