Cows in the garden (from A.Smith)

the  ashes of DH Lawrence secret maps in Inverness in 1970s ‘cycling my bike home from the station’ filled with live ants women and stallions ridiculous, glorious connection burning and impatient fury with birdsong left the poem behind it a holy place freely available the pile was going to topple birds hot dinners a woman,(…)


Lola and Lorna (from H.Mantel)

Lola began to complain in a posture of crucifixion Lola lay awake even in July she was cold rattled to a rest wasted and white her body with start white a dull bump bump Lorna was largely mute without warning these cold nights old six seater sad but upright a stone in a rude stream(…)


A leopard coughs (from A.Moorehead)

no one knows a young man in shorts the fashion alters once more a sense of plenty and well-being extra money to spend clutching hands soft-footed servants the leopard coughs in the darkness savagery and determination true excitement dies away a blue haze gathers folding over on itself in the shallows