Under a clock

their blank melody outside in grey flannels I saw her kiss you I looked between the leaves and saw her we must form into pairs run up these stairs counting each step I have torn off the whole of May and June and 20 days of July the week: one long day without divisions I(…)


With a single heart

100 souls not elderly, not overly young swarming with black beetles pickles we conform ourselves to cabbage soup, do so with a single heart. Face the blue of the forest eyelids as heavy as those smeared with treacle fallen into an aristocratic wilderness ‘perhaps you’d like to have you heals tickled dip them in melted(…)


Ursula’s grudge

one was a tiny little rock she despised and detested people, loved only children and animals children she loved passionately but coldly had a profound grudge against the human being contemptuous ridicule night had fallen, it was dark but she forgot to be afraid among the trees a magic peace a pure loneliness it was(…)


Pocket handkerchiefs

here we are like herrings going out into the world solitary, unanswered, breaking against rocks one may learn to paint at fifty heads on pocket handkerchiefs one wants to write poetry, and to love here, against a wall, a woman stares at nothing home they went fatigue … the safest sleeping draft with deserted beautiful(…)


On Virgil’s trail

Halfway along the road of life’s journey I lost my way I could see the hill was cloaked with rays of sunshine where no living person had passed before a leopard a lion a she-wolf a man/not a man/once a man/a poet Virgil? follow me you will see and you will see and you will(…)