Tale of sneers (locks from Francesca Wade)

state of calm

neighbors in pajamas


Virginia saw

the works of Darwin


with bags and boxes

in Mecklenburgh Square

exclusion from

tale of sneers and locked doors

completing, sweetening



it will break the clutch

exactly who

a girl who died

Pound’s mother

on books instead


August 1939

obstructed by sandbags


widen your narrow

Good fortune to misfortune (rays from Alfred Doblin)

the former cement worker

like fate


in convict stripes

sorting, gluing

shoe shops

wall without end

with the summer cluster

soap is

‘he’ll freeze’

the cold all year

in bed at the back


offspring, twelve

first the queer, now the reds

Franz says

good fortune to misfortune

this egg whisk

happiness, outcry

always the same sun


the Jews on Minx Street

asphalt doesn’t melt in winter

Oblivion waits (teeth from George Orwell)

moth-eaten already

along with 7,000 books

you-be-damned air

moth-eaten already

oblivion waits

as a squirrel holds a nut

rag mats and bedroom slops

this was Flaxman


a crawling reverence for money

nasty, ladylike tea shop


lived to be 1000

illuminated nothing

would not sit down

cake-scented air

far more

with cold haste

buffalo’s were singing

Flaxman was there


‘its no use’

Crook or mystic (two-tones from Leslie Jamison)

finally over too

his name was Joe


his parent’s couldn’t

how could a little boy know

skeptical of skepticism

crook or mystic

two spoons


doubts about her doubt

bare winter

who can blame

strained comforters

‘not a party exactly’

his basketball jersey


the architecture of possible

some useless god

Don isn’t broken

blue and shameless beyond

not by malice, never that


gin should be

beard stubble against my cheek

bonfires and blackouts

constant wanting

no one was clean

the sticky quiet hours

and I lied

fall coats

Sam Cooke


creep of pride

never done

didn’t glitter

unconditional love is insulting