Caustic and laughable (nuggets from Anton Chekhov)

danced and wobbled

‘know that tea’

intrusion and alarm

charming kiss-curls

something caustic and laughable


big cropped head

without fault

a special cup and saucer

kisses and calm dinners

a woman who has read Spenser

without love, I will tell you

to the pines, to the mushrooms

covered his face with a handkerchief


‘don’t laugh, Deacon’

with pepper, with pepper


A dangerous Eden (pips from Craig Childs)

anything alive

grip each rib

people in ice age knew

into the Bering Sea

no breaks or blood

how many firsts

kelp is

only ice

stone bone amber


these bones

eleven rocks

head deep in

till wet from birth


a dangerous Eden

islands and sinkholes

claws or horns

every other invasive pig