Tale of two emails: First email

tt   Two emails were received in the space of five days in the ninth month of pandemic: First email:                                                                        ><>< Tue, Nov 17, 2020 4:51 pm C____ ( hello Alison, i was watching a movie recently about a girl living on her own in a camper van – and she was reading found(…)


Loose ferrule

LOST Long time member and experienced gardener S. A. has been unable to locate her trowel which may have been left or loaned out, earlier in the season. It is a family heirloom she dearly misses. If you find/have it, she would be grateful if it could be returned. It looks similar to the one(…)


Chelsea’s best photographer

The neighborhood is Chelsea. It’s become my home-base as well as a much-loved ‘nest’ in recent years. Chelsea’s been Ron Rutherford’s neighborhood since 1956 when his family left Miami and relocated here. When he was a boy he was particularly close to his Grandmother – a short, strict, smart Caribbean woman he refers to as(…)