Anne Frank Remeembered

Now and then, deja vu

NOW: [Photo by Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist for the Boston Globe of Mahasen Khatib, a Syrian refugee who is settling her family in Rutland, Vt. with two of her children] SYRIAN REFUGEE FAMILY SETTLES IN VERMONT CITY AMIDST UNCERTAINTY  Excerpt from ARTICLE BY Brian MacQuarrie Globe Staff  January 29, 2017 RUTLAND, Vt. — Ahmed Khatib and his wife, Mahasen,(…)


March 29, 1944

A question I’ve been asked often during talks I’ve give on Anne Frank Remembered, co-written by Miep Gies and myself. [see photo below, Miep and I in Holland just before her 100th birthday]. The question: Why did Anne rewrite her original diary, change names, do various versions? It’s answered here. Taken from The Writer’s Almanac, sent(…)


Miep is 107 today

Above, Miep Gies and I in her apartment in Holland as she neared her hundredth (2009) birthday. Her husband Jan had died in 1993. Otto Frank was long gone (1980) as were most of her peers who had experienced the war years with her and the hiding time including the hunger winter of 1944-45 when so many in Holland(…)