Love in the Second Act

The itch needs scratching

Give me a long train or boat trip; give me almost any hotel room, almost anywhere in order to research/develop/write a book, catch up on old NYorker or TLS’s, stare in blank reverie out a window/porthole. I don’t mind being the only guest in dead of winter, am as contented at the Ritz in London as I am at the no star(…)


“A free day, a perfect pearl”

I awakened today and found a gift had had been given to me during the night. The gift: a day that belongs entirely to me; seamless; to be shared or not as I like. Virginia Woolf’s line, ‘A free day, a perfect pearl‘ comes to mind. I google the line in order to attribute it properly. What comes up: 1) Wikiquotes/Virginia_Woolf 2) Love in the Second Act: True(…)