Lost and Found

The gift of an hour

With an extra hour gifted to me at 2am last night: Visited Aruba at dawn before the powdery white sand was even warm; could see Mount Jamanota. Took the double-decker green trolley in Oranjestad. Seeing a blissful smile, the driver asked, Vrije tijd? Ja inderaad, I replied, and climbed to the upper deck in order(…)


Yahrzeit anniversary

Rain. Gentle; a fine, refreshing mist. The universe cares for my roses and the new plantings in my garden patch below while I drink coffee and wrap my mind in the the cloudy haze that softens also blurs the skyline seen through my window. A blank reverie. The Empire State Building is lost; so is the Freedom Tower where the World(…)


Naomi Replansky

The rain poured down. The separate umbrellas my friend (Diana Jones, singer/songwriter) and I held over our individual heads didn’t shield us from getting wet, wetter, wettest. We were in a part of town I rarely visit these days. Splashing across 109th Street from the subway at Central Park West we turned up Broadway where we passed corners(…)


Aunt Dorothy is One Hundred

Excerpt from “Lost and Found”* published in 2010 as part of the Cahier Series by AUP Press, Paris, France and Sylph Editions, UK in honor of what would have been my dear Aunt Dorothy’s 100th birthday: Both sets of double sheets are gone from the white linen trunk. The door to the little freezer compartment(…)


Page 10 – “Lost and Found”

… Natalie Wood, wearing a belted raincoat with upturned collar, was standing in the elevator when the door opened. But because my neighbor had not finished talking, I could not get on and the door slid shut, taking Natalie Wood downstairs to the wet street   Dear Aleksy Nowak, Thanks for your efforts. Miep’s birthday(…)


Page 1 – “Lost and Found”

[Today is the anniversary of Aunt Dorothy’s passing – June 9, 2009. RIP, dear Dorothy.  I walk by your building every day and think of you.] **** Page 1 ****     Dear Lily, Aunt’s Dorothy’s official Death Transcript was issued by the Surrogate Court on June 10th, 2009. The work of inventorying, separating, dispersing,(…)