The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce

Clairvoyant, on her father’s birthday

This novel is a recreation of the tortured life of Lucia Joyce, the schizophrenic daughter of James Joyce. It follows Lucia’s struggle to survive despite the terrifying effects of this devastating mental illness. Today is the birthday of Lucia’s father. Following, is the note to the recently reissued TMI edition of Clairvoyant: The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce Note to New(…)


On James Joyce’s birthday, remembering a loyal father

Joyce’s birthday was always a family event. Following, a short excerpt from newly reissued (TMI Press) CLAIRVOYANT available now as a kindle or book, including a New Author’s Note. Despite being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Lucia’s father saw her as a genius like himself. Like a jewel I showed new and incompatible sides, which were breaking off(…)