Lucky 2s

For years the numbers 2*2 or 2*2*2*2 or numbers that are multiples of two brought me luck, often with my writing (sales, translations, a prize …) or with safe travel, and in other arenas. They still do. The origin of this superstition: James Joyce’s birthday – 2/2 – the publication of Ulysses – 2/2/1922 –(…)


Page – Clairvoyant

… “He’s about as sincere as a jellyfish; as an ironing board,” I said about my doctor to Pierre. Being a Jew, Pierre had been made to wear a yellow star. Blackouts became common. Often in the dark I saw blue-and-white-check carpet slippers shuffle toward me. A ring-encrusted hand would reach out of the darkness(…)


Fallen on Swords

Mishaps have brought me to a standstill at a dull Travel Lodge in Swords, Ireland. [see Swords documentary] I’ve gotten stuck here bringing to mind Bob Dylan’s tune from 1966 Oh Mama This Could Be the End I’m stuck in Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again. Because it’s the Centennial of the 1916 Easter Rising and Easter Weekend is approaching(…)


Tale of two Susans

Am onto new work that has briefly taken me to Ireland. Dear, beautiful Ireland! I hadn’t been here since researching Clairvoyant (my homage to James Joyce and his long-suffering daughter Lucia, just reissued by TMI Press), to visit Mrs. Nora Joyce’s cramped childhood home in Galway. That was quite some time ago. Although I’ve only just arrived,(…)


Clairvoyant, on her father’s birthday

This novel is a recreation of the tortured life of Lucia Joyce, the schizophrenic daughter of James Joyce. It follows Lucia’s struggle to survive despite the terrifying effects of this devastating mental illness. Today is the birthday of Lucia’s father. Following, is the note to the recently reissued TMI edition of Clairvoyant: The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce Note to New(…)


Romanticizing the Irish

I dedicated my first novel Clairvoyant, the Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce  (the story of James Joyce’s daughter Lucia Joyce, who spent 47 years in mental hospitals), to an Irish nurse friend. At the end of my Author’s Afterword I wrote: … This book is dedicated to all kind, caring nurses around the world especially Nurse A.G. Kennedy…whose(…)