Fiet’s Vase

bad good luck, two

Speaking of bad good luck, here’s an excerpt from my book Fiet’s Vase and Other Stories of Survival, Europe 1939-1945 recently reissued with new material by TMI Press from Part I, Chapter: “Uncanny Luck” [Kohn is on the far left in the photo] Sometimes a crumb foils From the table of joy Sometimes a bone is(…)


Remembering Cyla and Simon Wiesenthal on Valentine’s Day

The young married couple, Simon and Cyla Wiesenthal, became separated early in the war. Helped by the underground, she had been taken to various hiding places where she lived under false names. Arrested and deported, he became a prisoner in a sequence of concentration camps. At war’s end, through the grapevine, each learned that the other was dead — Simon by his own(…)