Fiet’s Vase and Other Stories of Survival

High up in the Apennines

I was browsing the internet for a reference re ‘human kindness’ for a new work project, and the following came up: -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- The Human Kindness Foundation website is currently undergoing maintenance. We will be back very soon. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. This explains a lot. Happily though, the ache left by the moment’s void, got filled this morning as I hurried down Ninth Avenue.(…)



Because an earlier posting (on 3/1/2016) by my guest blogger Jo Schulze — Thanking the Hippies, a German writing on postwar Germany — garnered so much interest, it seemed a good idea for another German to tell another story. From an interview done with Benno Meyer-Wehlack for Fiet’s Vase and Other Stories of Survival, 1939-1945. Sadly Benno is no longer alive.(…)