The Devil’s Mistress

Eva Braun in August

[***] 3 August 1929 A day of repose. For reasons of my weight, I’ve taken an intense interest in gymnastics — especially work on the uneven parallel bars. Vati would be pleased if I compete nationally like my sister does. I have begun training with this secretly in mind. Perhaps I can win Vati’s admiration? Static stunts are discouraged.(…)


Rosebud two

Watching news footage of recent Trump rallies, am reminded of folks who visited my novel The Devil’s Mistress. Meet three of them in the following short extract: a young man, a young woman and a grandmother.  Also meet the grandmother’s pet dog: The boy was beside the car, leaning back on his heels, slightly crouched, urinating up at the(…)


It’s January 17th

In this short excerpt from The Devil’s Mistress:The Diary of Eva Braun the Woman who Lived and Died with Hitler we visit Eva Braun on another January 17th. Based on extensive research and supported by a factual armature, this novel of evil takes the reader into the hidden erotic life of Hitler and (as she was affectionately(…)

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