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bad good luck, two

Speaking of bad good luck, here’s an excerpt from my book Fiet’s Vase and Other Stories of Survival, Europe 1939-1945 recently reissued with new material by TMI Press from Part I, Chapter: “Uncanny Luck” [Kohn is on the far left in the photo] Sometimes a crumb foils From the table of joy Sometimes a bone is(…)


This place, three

I occasionally order a cream pie from a tiny kiosk at the port beside what once was the old old bakery run by brothers. After heating the opulent pastry, the pleasant owner shakes a powdering of confectioners sugar across its crusty surface, smiles and asks, Cinema? I nod. She shakes on a small cloud of cinnamon. The(…)


What’s NOT NOT A JEW about?

“In 1930s Berlin, Eli G. is an abstracted young Jewish painter addled by Marxist idealism and tangled memories of his mother and the shtetl. Longing to move to Paris, Eli feverishly paints maps and watches the baby while his wife Vera gives up her ambition of becoming a doctor and works as an accountant. This is where Not(…)


Bad good luck

Speaking of bad good luck: [Example #1] In summer one of my guests (a friend who I’ve known since she was four years old) told me that some beads she was wearing while washing her hands at the bathroom sink while staying at my Greek house had broken, scattered, many disappearing down the sinkhole. Since the necklace was the last(…)


October 9th

Various statuettes loiter in a corner of my enclosed terrace. Joining them, my father as a young college graduate about to take on the world. And my mother too. Little could he imagine the bumps and tripwires he would encounter concluding with his death in New York overlooking the East River on October 9th a few years ago.(…)


This place, two

Finally the days of rain end; a rim of sunset can be seen. Doors have swollen from the rain.The door to the old house won’t open; the door to the front gate won’t close. During the downpour, the leak under the metal spiral stairway stopped but water from the kitchen ceiling dripped onto the table where my papers and fresh bread(…)


Honored in Japan

A few days ago my publisher forwarded this email to me relating to Chiune Sugihara who was the Japanese Consul-General in Lithuania in 1939. I had published a book for middle-school-age kids called A Special Fate, Chiune Sugihara, Hero of the Holocaust about him. In defiance of orders from his own government, Sugihara had issued visas round-the-clock for twenty-nine(…)


Singular friend

  Saluting my singular friend Rie on her birthday: Rie with her granddaughter, Zoe, on Hydra. Rie, Zoe and I. Walking the back road evermore.   TASHKENT PAGES – Anna Akhmatova I was with you in the mysterious gloom, Walking as if in no-man’s-land, But suddenly the crescent moon Skimmed like a diamond boat over the(…)