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X-RATED novella

Now that my novella THE POTATO EATER is on the window ledge about to leap into publication, I’m dithering. Has it’s raw lusciousness gone over the top?  Should I have left Padric’s story in the banker’s box where it languished gathering dust for 30 years? Are there seats at my table for both my dour(…)


Why TMI?

They’ve got guts. So? They’re willing to stick their neck out to publish innovative work that mainstream publishers (so worried about sales figures) rarely will. Like who? Like me. Innovative in what way? My novella THE POTATO EATER is more akin to a PowerPoint presentation than a piece of conventional fiction. It’s raw, ribald, gritty;(…)


… seen in a bookshop in Munich

This photo sent by a friend wandering through a Munich bookshop just the other day, my book about young friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar – Memories of Anne Frank, Reflections of a Childhood Friend. It’s mixed in with a general sample of works on that dark time long ago that seems to still(…)


Vera and Eli

Ira’s father, Eli, is an old surrealist painter. The mother, Vera, an accountant. Their home, a Mediterranean-style landscape… Is it Israel? Greece? Southern California? The reader can’t be sure. Issues of multinationalism rear up as well. Ira returns home after a long absence to offer assistance to these two decrepit people. Because he’s experienced by(…)



My post-diasporic Everyman has been renamed Ira for the purposes of this pending publication of Not Not a Jew. He has not undergone any specific moment of revelation or trauma. Inadvertently, he begins to confront his own lack of specific belonging through an encounter with his aging parents who are unsettled survivors of the displacements(…)


Yes, a Novel in Verst

The known seeds of my own story were sown more than a hundred years ago in Old Russia.  Then, verst by verst, from four different directions (see photos below: paternal great grandfather, paternal great grandmother) these seeds blew from east to west. A verst is a Russian measure of distance – Russian Verstá. Slavic “virsta” – literally, to turn, to bend. Verst by(…)


Something completely different

You’d think the subject of Jewishness would fade from the conversation, but it’s doesn’t seem to. There are only between 13 and 14 million Jews in the entire world right now, less than 0.2 % of the population of human beings on the earth. There are more Dutch people, about 19.000.000, more people from Burkina(…)


Hoping this film will get funding

htps://www.indom/projects/hanneli-and-anne-their-true-story/x/10470715   Out of the blue, filmmaker SALLY MEYER contacted me asking for access to HANNAH GOSLAR, Anne Frank’s best friend in childhood. After consulting with Hannah, age 86, living in Jerusalem, whose story I made into the book Memories of Anne Frank, Reflections of a Childhood Friend (Scholastic Press, TMI Publication) I connected them.(…)


Columbus Museum of Art, Art Book Club Presents — TWWBMBFTD

Focusing on fiction and non-fiction books that feature art and artists as central story elements, each of these programs includes a presentation by Executive Director Nannette Maciejunes, followed by refreshments and casual group discussion. The Art Book Club is presented on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, four times annually. Admission is free for Museum members,(…)