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Mother-in-law comes calling

I left New York at dawn; joined a rush-hour crowd on the E train at my corner; got to JFK; jumped on a 737, aisle seat. Five hours and fourteen minutes later we gently touched down at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, a madhouse. The temperature was 104 degrees. I watched a smokey fire burning against the robbins-egg blue sky on(…)


Page 1 – The Woman Who Brought Matisse Back from the Dead

  ***Page 1 – The Woman Who Brought Matisse Back from the Dead***      Paris, 1950                  The studio on the Boulevard du Montparnasse was not far from the Boulevard Raspail crossing. The door to the concierge’s loge was ajar. The husband of the concierge was urinating into the sink when he noticed the(…)


Page 1 – “Lost and Found”

[Today is the anniversary of Aunt Dorothy’s passing – June 9, 2009. RIP, dear Dorothy.  I walk by your building every day and think of you.] **** Page 1 ****     Dear Lily, Aunt’s Dorothy’s official Death Transcript was issued by the Surrogate Court on June 10th, 2009. The work of inventorying, separating, dispersing,(…)


Page 1 – The Potato Eater

*****Page 1 ***** A FAMILY. Twelve children and two adults – marital status unknown – crossed the Atlantic from Ireland. The adults couldn’t cope so they swaddled the children with every piece of clothing they could grab from a church rummage and took the ferry from South Ferry, Manhattan to St. George, Staten Island in(…)


Page 1 – Not not a Jew

*****Page 1 ***** Why leave Berlin for Paris? An unemployed man with no friends, Eli G., with a wife, Vera, and one child to feed, Karl, got fifty-one mark a month (1931) in relief. Vera budgeted: Per month = 51 mark rent, electricity, heat, outings = 32.50 mark feed family = 18.50 mark Per day           (…)