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Coasting toward 60

A welcome visit with a friend from Newcastle – in northeastern England quite close to Scotland – who I also see in Greece. Having retired early from practicing law, teaching law, and duties as a judge, Tessa has cleared out her life so she can wander new pastures casting her passions into the four winds. As it happens,(…)


One day in September

ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER in Rio de Janeiro: A new species of lion tamarin has been discovered on an island off the coast. The lion tamarin is a squirrel-size monkey with a mane like a lion. in Jincun: The couple have four children. They are new migrants (pioneers) arriving at their new home; a mud house. The(…)


School supplies

  Every year, at this time, our father got very excited because the time was coming to take us out for school supplies. We were four kids and he accompanied each and every one of us irregardless of age, grade or whether or not we wanted his company. Hard to believe, but he’d been looking(…)


It’s about time to celebrate Stephen’s birthday

  Today – September 1, 2016 – there will be an unusual Solar Eclipse when (out of nowhere) the moon’s shadow will overlap the sun, darken the day, until a thin rind of glowing light appears. The rind that illuminates the moon’s edges will then slowly widen until the shadow entirely passes across it, seen no more. An ordinary day will return. Today’s eclipse will last 7 minutes and(…)


God’s side of the story

Excerpt from unpublished short fiction: God’s Side of the Story He’s got so many wrinkles on his face he can hold ten days of rain! She’s got so many wrinkles on her face she has to dry it with a pleated towel. I tried to be both mother and father to him. To be a(…)



Because an earlier posting (on 3/1/2016) by my guest blogger Jo Schulze — Thanking the Hippies, a German writing on postwar Germany — garnered so much interest, it seemed a good idea for another German to tell another story. From an interview done with Benno Meyer-Wehlack for Fiet’s Vase and Other Stories of Survival, 1939-1945. Sadly Benno is no longer alive.(…)


Worms eye view

He/she is pulpy, moist, long and slender, an earthy shade of red, with no limbs. He/she is early to arrive for our interview, I’ve barely finished composing a few questions. I comment on this: ALG: You’re early. He/she burrows around to face me, replies: W: I’m usually early. I can’t help it, though it can be dangerous. ALG: Dangerous? W: I’m sure(…)


Unsung hero

Jan Augustus Gies He was a real Dutchman, very tall, lean, with billowing white hair. We used to joke that Miep had never seen him without a jacket and tie. He smoked small cigars, was a man of few words, who had a sharp, dry sense of humor. He collected stamps. I last saw him in Amsterdam in late January,(…)


Mama Cass Didn’t Choke on a Ham Sandwich

Her birth name wasn’t Cass nor Elliott but was Ellen Naomi Cohen from Baltimore whose grandparents, like mine, were Russian immigrants with old-world manners who spoke to us with heavy accents and among themselves in Yiddish. Tormented in childhood because she was overweight, Ellen went from being a plump child to a fat woman who loved men, music, also food. When she died word spread that(…)