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A nocturnal visitor

I received an impromptu visit from my great friend Corinne Trang last night. She’s formidable, beautiful, simpatico, highly accomplished in every one of her many areas of expertise. Truth be told, she’s become our third sister. (She was also a subject I interviewed for my book Love in the Second Act, True Stories of Romance, Midlife and Beyond, Section:(…)


Breakfast at Malibu

  My much appreciated neighborhood friend Louise [the admirable painter Louise Fishman] gets a very high score for spontaneity. Over the past dozen years one or the other of our phones will often ring between 8 and 2. One voice will ask, “Breakfast?” The other will respond (usually), “Sure.” One or the other will lock in the time, “See(…)


Page 100 – The Potato Eater

… Nick, an Italian, serving twenty years for murder, didn’t like Padric sharing his cell. Nick hung around with what he called the “elite” who in his book were the Italians. He told Padric why he didn’t like him.             You can’t be a rat here, and you can’t be rapist, you can’t be a(…)


New York Notes by Jill Levine

My friend Jill (aka Suzanne Jill Levine) who lives and teaches in Santa Barbara, California, passed through town last week. We met for coffee and/or food at the Rubin Museum restaurant. [see unskilled selfie of Jill – laughing, Buddha – observing human suffering, non-enlightenment, gastric over-indulgence,  and Allie – spaced out – below] After catching up (though I(…)


Iceberg lettuce

  My sister Nancy (owner of the sublime, cozy, popular Arbor B & B in High Falls, New York) and I discussed iceberg lettuce this morning in the dark way before dawn as an upstairs smoke alarm made ping-ing sounds every minute or so. Because guests were asleep Nancy restrained herself from rushing upstairs to disarm the alarm. Meanwhile, we recalled(…)


Aylam’s travels

I asked my young friend Aylam Rosenthal to tell me about his and his mother (Johanne’s) journey to photograph wildlife in Finland a few years ago. Here’s what he told me: The first thing we noticed when we stepped off the plane in Kuusamo* was how small the airport was; the check-in counters, security, and(…)