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After that day (from c. N. Adachie)

the queasiness and violate too old for caning glass louvers all this beauty after that day guy’s guy a food flash in front of him head to foot acerbic one so steely erosion has in Nigeria and America another used towel perfect water arcs in summer sticky with can drive at night kissing wounds a(…)


Sad sound (from E.B.White)

normal fears uneasy about practically everything uncertainty of future transitoriness of life frailty of body sadness of afternoon distant challenge of love and sex far from problem of livelihood   in crowd but felt lonely and removed uneasiness sober and absteminous life’s ladder sad sound of piano being tuned   public television idea of excellence(…)


On the Tana River (from A. Quatermain)

from the bite of a lion at the battle of Blood River touches of kinship as surely ‘civilization fails us’   ‘where is the dog’ on the Tana River rank growth and rubbish no room for standing waterbirch right and left   beautiful yellow fish moonbeams played the black bosom of the cloud timely doses(…)


Bitter, bitter (from R.Kipling)

blunted this your wife’s amusements for incurables the dark world a new bad word any homeward bound steamer ‘my fire of straw’ the irksome monotony be measured a sapphire with two diamonds from off their backs east of Suez with sherry and bitters that bitter, bitter cold that nuzzling raw meat after a wet night(…)


Separate as silkworms (from K.A.Porter)

‘what have you done’ dullards at the Captain’s table   a jump ahead good Jewish friends a good cigar   maybe both on a straw mat   light blue, dark blue colorless sexless pair   fatal ruby network someday dilating and wincing peeping and snatching   her feelings were hurt again insect, fish, flower, bird(…)