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Guest: Thanking the Hippies

My friend Jo Schulze was born in Germany’s Black Forest just as World War II began. Now she lives a dynamic life on the east coast of England with (interchanging) members of three generations of her accomplished family. A short bio, in her own words: Jo Schulze, MA level, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, far traveled, being at home in five languages.(…)



In a holding patterning (about to go on retreat in a few hours, preparing to pivot while floating for a few days more as the birds awaken in the garden below), thoughts of what was/is indelible, soothes without fail during such a limbo. From my Rosebud file: Sledding after dark Four nights and five days at the Hotel Paradise in Krynica, Poland(…)


Miep is 107 today

Above, Miep Gies and I in her apartment in Holland as she neared her hundredth (2009) birthday. Her husband Jan had died in 1993. Otto Frank was long gone (1980) as were most of her peers who had experienced the war years with her and the hiding time including the hunger winter of 1944-45 when so many in Holland(…)


Nostalgia reflux

Further along in my new work on my 1000 years of Greek island loving, tentatively titled, Notes on Hydra, I dredge up a second song in which I wallowed in those escapist days. This song, sung by Mary Hopkin from 1968: Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how(…)


Miley and Melanie

Following, a few words from a piece I’ve been working on about my 1000 years of visits to my Greek island. (Actually 46 1/2 years of visits…but it seems like 1000.)  …This rock was/is/will always be breathtaking, life-altering; doubtlessly ensnarling new victims evermore just as it did me. It beguiles while nourishing tender seeds of art/writing/music/creativity/Eros that peak from between(…)


Clairvoyant, on her father’s birthday

This novel is a recreation of the tortured life of Lucia Joyce, the schizophrenic daughter of James Joyce. It follows Lucia’s struggle to survive despite the terrifying effects of this devastating mental illness. Today is the birthday of Lucia’s father. Following, is the note to the recently reissued TMI edition of Clairvoyant: The Imagined Life of Lucia Joyce Note to New(…)


Dog duet

  Found in A Christmas Cracker being a commonplace selection by John Julius Norwich (annual, anticipated gift from my old friend Dom) from the Daily Telegraph obituary of Elisabeth Mann Borgese [sic], born 1918, died 2002: “Elisabeth Mann Borgese, who has died aged eighty-three, was the last surviving child of the German novelist Thomas Mann and(…)