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falling off the knife-edge

Garden forgotten as heat, humidity, guests, exhaustion, theater, Statue of Liberty, trip upstate, much eating, drinking, eating, walking, collapsing displaced it.  Returned yesterday to deluge of rain, so garden and final harvest of tiny tomatoes must wait until the departure of the airport car at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning.  BUT … a paste-up of the(…)



There’s rosemary too, also dill and tiny tomatoes, mostly yellow, remaining in the garden. Ginger boiled in water overpowers a case of indigestion from who nows what. August’s come and gone, September brings that beguiling light, Virgo birthdays, visitors from England who’ve never been to America before. ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM trembles on a thin(…)



At 10:30 the other morning a gardening foot-soldier (Gail) and I solemnly visited the garden patch and clipped the sad eggplant from its tough stem. There wasn’t a scream or a squeal or even a sigh. Later, taking a break from prep for the pending publication of ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM, a sharpened knife sliced,(…)